Optimise your building
automation system

Leaftech enables you to continuously forecast your building's operating conditions. Upgrading the control systems with our data services effectively reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions while maximizing user comfort.

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Optimise your costs efficiency

Utilizing the full stack of Leaftech's data services for model based control unlocks energy cost savings of up to 28%.

Mental health

Boost health and productivity

Our data solutions maximises the visual and thermal comfort of your room conditions. This has several benefits in regards to health and leads to productivity increments of 10%-25%.


Improve ratings and certifications

Fulfill technical standards like VDI 3813, VDI 3814 and EN15232.

Additional rating points for standards such as LEED or DGNB can be received for visual and thermal comfort or energy efficiency.

We provide
the missing data

We upgrade the performance of your single devices and complex automation systems in 3 simple steps.


3D Modelling of the target building
and the surrounding

A detailed 3D model of the target building is at the heart of the setup.
We take care of the complete data processing and also provide you with 3D models of your building.
We create the model using different data sources e.g., we are using geo data, images, 2D plans, or existing 3D models.


Positioning virtual sensors
to capture dynamic data

Virtual sensors are calculation points on the target's surface e.g. facades and windows. Depending on the assessment and output needed, we generate virtual sensors on the target surfaces of the given building. Our virtual sensors enable you to monitor the dynamic influencing factors e.g. impact of weather changes on the building energy envelope.
(Temperature, wind, solar radiation..)


Digital twin based
Analytics and results

Combining data types from different data sources, we create the digital twin of the target building. The digital twin is used to conduct different types and levels of assessment. The data can be used to optimize planning and forecast upcoming energy demand and control setpoints for individual systems or complete buildings automation systems. You can choose which services you specifically need to ensure optimal conditions.

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