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Shading automation



Every window is unique

Light intake differs from one window to another due to the position of the sun, surrounding structures, architecture, and local weather conditions. A limited number of hardware sensors only approximate the shading pattern in a building. Leaftech's virtual sensors capture the actual progression throughout the day.

Match the real shading conditions
with virtual sensors

Leaftech sets up a digital twin of the building and its surroundings to monitor shading progression on each window. A grid of virtual sensors is positioned on every modeled window. The virtual sensor calculates the actual shading pattern for every minute throughout the day.

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Single room forecast



Making room for anticipation

Embedding all influence factors such as building specification, weather patterns, and user schedules, we create a thermal model of the room and constantly forecast its energy balance.

Based on the energy balance heating, cooling, and ventilation demand for the next hours is quantified and forwarded to the building system via API. The data service enables your building systems to make better decisions and anticipate future operating conditions.

Get the most of it

Enabling our algorithms to learn from indoor conditions leads to even better results. Sharing room temperature, humidity, and other parameters empower the digital twin to learn about room conditions and to increase the forecast precision.

Combine with shading as a service

Forecasting the intake of solar radiation is one of the most important factors when applying model-based control as it has a tremendous influence on the heating, cooling, and illuminance demands inside the buildings.

Using shading as a service and combining it with a Single room energy forecast you get the best control for all systems and make the most of the forecast data.

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Building energy forecast



The more buildings in a system
are twinned,
the higher the overall benefits get.

Based on our digital twin and measured energy consumption we create building specific forecast models which quantify the heating, cooling and electricity demand of the complete facility.

Using machine learning we constantly train our algorithms to enhance the forecast accuracy. Whether it is heating or cooling grid, the information is extremely valuable for utility providers.

Embedding our service leads to better planning of energy supply for the grid operator as well as increased feasibility in energy procurement for the building owner.

Increased grid efficiency

  • Reduction of costs per kWh of energy
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions and CO2 certificate costs
  • Better planning releases capacities for customers
  • Cooling or heating energy generation

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Improved planning



Plan for the future

Based on our digital twin and local weather conditions we assess the energy balance of buildings and give detailed reports of the current building characteristics. This data can be used while planning a new building, modernizing an existing one or estimating the saving potential.

To take into account local weather phenomena for the cause of several years, this services has been built around Test Reference Year data coming from the Deutsche Wetter Dienst.

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Wind profile Analysis



Harness the wind

The surrounding conditions do not only influence local solar radiation but are extremely relevant for wind patterns as well. Therefore, we combine our detailed 3D models and our cutting-edge virtual sensors with CFD-technologies.

In first implementation projects we currently assess the potential to improve the reaction of shading systems in regard to local wind speeds.

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